1. Whitechapel, England. Jack the Ripper wants to play game with you. In a back alley, he’s hidden his favorite knife, and he’s giving you 15 minutes to find it. If you can’t, it’s ripping time!

Our complete escape room packages come with everything you need to run a game (besides a T.V. and a physical room).

This includes a gameflow chart to help your gamemasters watch and give clues, an intro video/countdown timer, and all the puzzles, boxes, and locks necessary. Our Jack the Ripper game is 15 minutes long; however it can be shortened to 10 minutes if you’d like.

To complete the room, players must find 5 of Jack’s knives and stab them into the final box in the correct order. This opens the box and reveals Jack’s favorite knife, thus ending the game!


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