A mysterious serial killer has captured you and put you and 4 others in front of several small guillotines. He issues you a simple instruction and sets you to work: 5 hands enter, only 1 comes out! With 5 minutes on the clock and only 1 hand to work with, you must race the others to the last puzzle to avoid the chop!

This adversarial table will pit players against each other. It has enough stations for up to 5 players at a time. It is perfect as a standalone pop-up at a fair, or as an add-on to the line experience at your haunt.

There are 4 layers of puzzles to solve at each station, and the player who solves the final puzzle first gets to free their hand. Their victory will also trigger a jump scare on the other players as their own guillotines activate unexpectedly!

Use this on your midway, on a stage in your que line, in your lobby or at fairs, festivals and events to raise awareness for your venue. We recommend charging $5 per player. This game can be run 10 – 12 times per hour and  will easily generate $250 – $300  per hour in the appropriate setting.

Show pricing ends 3-31-23.


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