These incredible electric chairs pit players against each other in a race to the death. Players wear wrist restraints and a belt that lock them into their chairs! Head pieces are adjustable to fit small children and NBA players alike. Once players have been locked in, they see information inside of the headpiece.  This information helps them to solve the first puzzle, which frees their hands. When they complete the second puzzle, they are released and everyone else gets fried!!! We recommend charging $5 per person for this adversarial game.  This 1.5 to 3 minute, 4 person game, can easily be run 20 times per hour and generate $400 per hour (more if you charge more than $5). This can be used in a midway, on stage in a que line, in the lobby of your escape room, or at fairs, festivals and events as a marketing tool to bring business to your Haunt or escape room. Show pricing ends 3-31-23. 2 person version available


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