This impressive “duel” guillotine pits one player against the other in a duel to the death. Standing over 8 feet tall the players stick their heads through the holes and look into their basket for clues on what to do with their hands on the other side. They must use what they see to manipulate the levers, buttons, crank and finally the rope to end the other person… I mean… game. This is a 1.5 -3 minute, 2 puzzle game, with a 15 second reset. We recommend charging $5 per person. This game can easily be run 25 times per hour and generate $250 per hour (more if you charge more than $5). Easier to run and reset than Wristrained. This can be used in a midway, on stage in a que line, in the lobby of your escape room, or at fairs, festivals and events as a marketing tool to bring business to your Haunt or escape room. Show pricing ends 3-31-23.


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